Ivan Bozovic

Ivan Bozovic's picture
Professor (Adjunct) of Applied Physics
15 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511-6816

MBE Group Leader                        
Brookhaven National Laboratory    
Upton NY 11973, USA                    
E-mail:     bozovic@bnl.gov

Research interests

(1) Basic physics of condensed states of matter; (2) novel electronic properties including unconventional metallic conductivity and superconductivity, (3) innovative methods of thin film synthesis and characterization; (4) mesoscopic (nano-scale) physics.

Research experience

Experimental techniques: ultra-high vacuum; cryogenics; thin film synthesis (by molecular beam epitaxy, laser ablation, electron-beam evaporation and sputtering); X-ray diffraction; optical spectroscopy (far-IR to UV, Raman, spectro-ellipsometry); ion scattering spectroscopy; transport measurements; device design and testing. Theory: group theory, electron band structure, optical spectra, phonon spectra, vibronic coupling; numerical simulations of RHEED and XRD patterns and surface structure; cohesion and structure of ionic crystals. Materials studied so far: conducting polymers, carbon nanotubes, cuprates, bismuthates, titanates, manganites, cobaltates, nickelates, tungstates, rhutenates, borophene.


2016        Van der Waals Colloquium, Leiden, The Netherlands

2015        MRS-Serbia Award for a Lasting and Outstanding Contribution to Materials Science and Engineering (inaugural)

2014        Member, Academia Europea (The Academy of Europe)

2013        Max Planck Lecture, Stuttgart, Germany

2012        Berndt T. Matthias Prize for Materials Aspects of Superconductivity

2011        “New York State Leader in Superconductivity” by NYS Superconductor Technology Summit

2011        “Dr. Ivan Bozovic Award” for best paper in the area of superconductivity area established by Physics Express journal

2009        Foreign (Honorary) Member, National Academy of Sciences and Arts of Serbia

2008        BNL Science and Technology Award

2004        SPIE Technology Achievement Award

1999        M. Jaric Memorial Prize (inaugural)

1998        Fellow, The American Physical Society

1997        Fellow, The International Society for Optical Engineering

1989        Polaroid International Prize for Microphotography (shared with D. Schlom, J. Harris, and J. Eckstein)

1985        Institute of Physics (Belgrade) Prize

1982        Fulbright Fellowship

Journal and institution advisory

2016             Guest Editor, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA (PNAS)

2014-            International Advisory Board, Advanced Electronic Materials.

2011-            Editorial Board, ISRN Condensed Matter Physics.

2010-            Editorial Board, Journal of Nanoscience Letters.

2011-2016    Associate Editor, J. Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

1998-2011    Editorial Board, The International Journal of Superconductivity.

2006             Guest Editor, J. Superconductivity, special issue honoring V. L. Ginzburg.

2006             Co-editor, Proceedings of Applied Superconductivity Conference

2016             Committee, MRS-Serbia Award for Lasting Contribution to Materials Science

2015             Committee, Berndt T. Matthias Prize for Materials Aspects of Superconductivity

2012-            International Advisory Board, Center of Excellence for Superconductivity Research (CESUR), Ankara, Turkey

2012-            Advisory Committee, MBE group, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

2005             International Advisory Committee, Institute for Complex Matter, Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland.

2005-            International Advisory Board, Yugoslav Materials Research Society.

Employment history

2014-            Applied Physics Department, Yale University, Adjunct Professor

2003-            Brookhaven National Laboratory, Group Leader and Senior Scientist

1998-2002    Oxxel GmbH, Bremen, Germany, Chief Technical Officer and Principal Scientist

1989-1998    Varian Research Center, Palo Alto, CA: Senior Research Scientist

1987-88        Applied Physics Department, Stanford University: Senior Research Associate (1987), Visiting Professor (1988)

1984-86       Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Yugoslavia: Senior Research Scientist,

1975-84       Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia: Lecturer (1975-8) Docent (1978-83), Head, Department of Physics (1979-81)

Visiting (Professor or scientist) positions

2007             EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

2003             ESPCI (Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle) Paris, France

2003             Los Alamos National Laboratory

2002-3          Laboratory for Advanced Materials, Stanford University

2002             Applied Physics Department, Yale University.

1987-88        Applied Physics Department, Stanford University.

1985-86        Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

1982, 85       Quantum Chemistry Department, University Notre-Dame, Namur, Belgium.

1982-83        Physics Department, University of California, Berkeley

Professional service

Gave over 200 invited talks; (co)chaired 21 international conferences;  member of Advisory Committee for 79 conferences. Referee for Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Materials, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Science, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, PNAS etc. Reviewed over 50 grant proposals for US DOE, NSF, the International Science Foundation, U.S.-Israel and German-Israeli Foundations, and the science foundations of Europe, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and Canada. Served internationally on prize awards, faculty election, and Ph.D. thesis committees.


Published 11 research monographs and over 250 research papers (including 20 in Science and Nature journals). Awarded six patents.