• 2018

R. Wu, I.K. Drozdov, S. Eltinge, P. Zahl, S. Ismail-Beigi, I. Bozovic and A. Gozar: Large-area single crystals of borophene  on Cu(111) surfacesNature Nanotechnology (2018), in press.

  • 2017

X. Leng, J. Pereiro, J. Strle, G. Dubuis, A.T. Bollinger, A. Gozar, J. Wu, N.E. Litombe, C. Panagopoulos, D. Pavuna and I. Bozovic: Insulator to metal transition in WO3 induced by  electrolyte gating, NPJ | Quantum Materials 2, 35 (2017).

A. Gozar, N.E. Litombe, J.E. Hoffman and I. Bozovic: Superconductivity in cuprate nano-constriction devices patterned by Helium Ion Beam, Nano Letters 17, 1582 (2017).